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Puma Sprint Microlight Trike Aircraft adid = 19452

Aviation Photo number 18268
Aviation Photograph 1
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Fly-in, For Sale | Southdown Sailwings, Puma Sprint | 2130.00 or $3500.00 us

I am not sure if anyone would be interested in buying an aircraft which is currently located in the United States, specifically California, but I thought I would try to advertise it in here anyway. I am selling a Southdown Sailwings Puma Sprint microlight trike, with the origional registration number G-MMYS and Enstone Centre on the wing. This unit was built in England in 1985, and has a total of 204.25 hours on the engine and airframe. It has not been flown since 11-18-1995. The wing has always been kept in its wing bag stored inside, and the sail cloth is still crisp, but has a few small patched holes and some of the batton pockets have been repaired (wear due to abrasion from taking battons in and out of wing.) The engine is a Fugi Robin 440cc, which ran strong in 1995, and still has good compression. I had put tundra wheels and tires on the trike for outback takeoffs and landings, a 3 blade IVO PROP, and rear brakes. It will need one of the tundra tires replaced.
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