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Aa5 Cheetah 90/hour Cranfield adid = 19923

Aviation Photo number 40923
Aviation Photograph 2
Views so far = 12126

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Grumman, AA5A | 1200

1978 Grumman AA-5A
Cranfield based 4 seat IFR equipped Tourer
Ex Cabair
New engine & propeller
Easa CofA
Mode S Autopilot FM immune ADF DME
4 Place Intercom
All ADs complied with
New paint 2012
Online booking and good availability.
40 / month 90 / hour wet incl base l/fees.
Run by IR qualified instructor
Send Andrew Chester a Secure Message. Contact Details 01908346638/07966399730 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi - Just wondered if this share was still available and if you could send me some more information?

A1 Yes, there are shares available in this syndicate, please contact me on the above number to discuss, happy to answer any questions.