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Piper Arrow Share Tatenhill ?6,500 adid = 20152

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | PIPER, ARROW III TURBO | ?6,500

The Piper Arrow III model is an excellent touring 4-seater aircraft, with turbo engine, retractable gear and variable pitch prop.

Registration number: G-DDAY
Total hours: approx 3,800
Total engine hours: approx 860
EASA certificate of airworthiness:valid until 23/06/12
ARC issued: 26/05/11
3 blade prop
Full New King Navcoms
?60 per month + ?115 per hour wet
Online booking
Sold in ?as is? condition.

PRICE: ?6,500

Please contact JAMES BYRNE on 07860 868 546 or
Send JAMES BYRNE a Secure Message. Contact Details 07860 868 546
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