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Bmaa Safety Day At Kemble (22/09/12) adid = 20197

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BMAA Safety Day at Kemble

The next BMAA Safety Day will be held on Saturday 22nd September at Kemble Airport. All members wishing to attend can fly in or drive. It will be held in the restaurant near to the control tower, and will start at 1030 hrs start at 1100. Finish at 1530 hrs.

There will be speakers from Brize Norton, Kemble FISO, Kemble Flying Club on channel crossings, and other speakers. The emphasis will be on gaining and improving flying skills.

Registration To help with organisation please register by email to

Those members wishing to fly in should refer to an up to date airfield guide for information eg. The wearing of high viz vests etc. A large grass parking area is being made available to us near to the tower. Any questions will try to help. Proposed Safety Days for 2013 will be held in Scotland and the Midlands.

Pete Watson BMAA Safety Officer.
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