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Rotax 912 A3 80 Hp For Sale. adid = 20476

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Engines & Props, For Sale | Rotax 912 A3 | 2950.00. ono.GBP.


Rotax 912 A3 80 HP for sale. Current hours 820. Engine currently fitted on Diamond Dimona HK 36TC G-FMKA.
Engine is to be replaced in February or earlier.
Reason for engine change is that the HK36 is a certified aircraft and as such I have to change the engine due to time - not condition.
Engine has ammendment to take it to 1500hrs certified.
Engine is suitable for kit builders under the LAA.
oil pressure and cylinder pressures will be recorded on removal from aircraft and all paperwork can be inspected. Engine can be seen on aircraft - in situ and running.
Enquiries to Gordon Davis. or 01452-724672. 07836-584666.
Aircraft based at Nympsfield in Gloucestershire.
Send gordon davis a Secure Message. Contact Details 01452-724672 or 07836-584666. Ask a Question
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