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Group Forming In Rochseter Kent Egto adid = 20603

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

I'm forming a group based on a two seater(C152 or similar type), hopefully mogas consuming, cheap to run aircraft. Looking for ten to twelve people maybe more then costs will reduce. This will be ideal for hour builders or, just people looking to fly for less. Rochester has good road/rail links, only 40mins from central London, and is a great, friendly airfirld to fly from. Please call and leave voice mail as I can't answer phones at work!
Send Matthew Barber a Secure Message. Contact Details 07734996211 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi, did you form a group? I'm looking to join a group similar to what you were suggesting. Regards David

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 This guy is a waste of time .dont bother

A2 awaiting answer