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Group Forming In Mid Devon adid = 20673

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | nose wheel/Tail Whee | ?3500 per member

Looking to form a syndicate for affordable/social flying from strip in mid Devon with hanger Thinking of C150/152/172 or small tailwheel like Champ or Cub or something along those lines so testing the water , Is there anyone wishing to be part of a fresh new group because if so please get in touch and the more interest there is then the wider scope we have to do something , If interested please drop a line but only if really interested and then we can take it from there,Phone number will be supplied in reply E-mail , Also a short note on your experience and what you are looking for would be appreciated , Coaching is available for the low hour a year pilots , Currently operating Cessna 182 and looking to expand more aircraft , Look foward to hearing from you.
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