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Three-axis Microlights, Clubs & training

Shares available in two C42 aircraft at 3115.00 each for an 1/18 th share. These aircraft are renewed every four years or at 2000 hours, your share is automatically moved to a newer aircraft. We pride ourselves in keeping a new fleet. 1/10 th shares also available at the same rate in a NEW Eurofox, Tango is in bright orange and stands out!
Gyrocopter 1/12th shares also available at 4800.00 each, we will have anew Calidus for 2017, enclosed tandem Gyro, cruising at 80 mph on 14 litres an hour. Call or check out our website for details. Graham or David Slater. 01672 515535,
Send David Slater a Secure Message. Contact Details 01672 515535

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