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New Z242l For Sale!! adid = 21212

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Larger aircraft, For Sale | ZLIN AIRCRAFT, ZLIN Z242L Guru | inquire

Brand new sport and aerobatic 2-seater brand ZLIN aircraft powered by single engine Lycoming AEIO-360-A1B6 performance reaching up to 200 HP, MTV-9-B-C/C-188-18a propeller, of 745 kg/1642 lbs weight. VFR Basic (can be rebuilt to IFR on customer?s request). Simple handling, all metal structure of fuselage providing added safety, aircraft is designed for heavy landings, low operating costs, excellent visibility and cabin spaciousness, ease of maintenance, scheduled 100 hour inspection without having to overhaul provide an almost unlimited lifetime. Interior: red fabrics to match the painting, exterior: red burgundy with golden stripes.Additional equipment can be adapted to customer needs. Price is preliminary. Aircraft is located in the Czech Republic.
Send zlin aircraft a Secure Message. Contact Details Tel: +420 725 266 711, Email:, Ask a Question