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*sold* Grove Gear Denny Kitfox Mk3/mk4 *sold* adid = 21237

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | GROVE | ?800

Grove Gear for Denny Kitfox Mk3/Mk4, Etched Primed, and painted in Bahama Blue for my old Kitfox Mk4, which was unfortunately written off in the Strathaven hanger fire last year, before I had the chance to fit it. Replacement Kitfox Mk4 already had Grove Gear fitted.
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Q1 Is this gear complete with axles for the standard wheels? Is it complete with the brackets to fit to the fuselarge?

A1 HiDavid, Sorry for the delay in replying, I drove down to The Flying Show NEC yesterday morning, and have just got back. The Grove Gear is complete with brackets, nuts, bolts, axles( for normal ATV wheels ), and only requires 4 x brass polyflow fittings, to attatch the hydraulic brake lines to the gear. These are the only thing not provided when you purchase the gear. Hope this clears things up for you, if you require any further info just give me a call. Regards Paul M.

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