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Based on Kevin Glynns best selling 'VFR Flight Guide Ireland' this app has been developed to provide additional functionality not possible in a book. It details the many and varied airfields throughout Ireland both North and South.

Link to iTunes app page

The app contains all the usual reference Information useful to the VFR Pilot however the app is unique in a number of respects:

The pictures can be pinch & zoom

A full search facility eg. List all airfields with avgas over 500M

Save selected airfields to your favorite list

Auto dial airfield telephone number

Save your notes for every airfield

The Airfields are shown as PHOTOS - in MAP format
(i.e. viewed from South)

The runway information is overlaid on the photos.

Gives the REAL situation regarding permission to visit ?
?Visitors Welcome at their own risk?, ? Visitors Welcome with PPR by phone?, right through to ?Strictly by Invitation?

The GPS co-ordinates are checked for ALL strips

There is a contact number for EVERY Airfield

A Road Map showing Position of Strip
Arrival and Departure Instructions for each Strip, given by Pilots using the Strip.

Contains useful information such as Toilet, Food, Distance to Nearest MOGAS etc
Send Kevin Glynn a Secure Message. Contact Details Kevin Glynn +353 86 6002300
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