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Comand Sat Nav adid = 21323

Aviation Photo number 21489
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Fly-in, For Sale | bosch, NTG2 A203 827 52 42 | ?350 ono

Mercedes Benz Comand sat nav NTG 2
Mercedes part number A 203 82752 42


W203 c class 2000- 2004
W209 CLK 2002- 2004

Complete outfit with sat nav disc, wiring loom adaptor, ariel and owners manuel on disc.

This unit was taken from my wifes c180 this week it looks and works perfect. Its good for navigation, you can plug a multi disc player into it, watch television, use the phone hands free all through controls on the steering wheel, nav imfo is also displayed on dash screen (this has to be enabled using a MB star machine)

I know its a bit of a long shot trying to sell this on here but I know a lot of people that fly own Mercs so thought I would give it a go. Any questions please fire away.

? 350.00 ono

Can be collected or posted
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