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Old Warden (shuttleworth) Wa41 Tourer adid = 21406

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Wassmer, WA41 Baladou | ?7000

Wassmer Baladou WA41. Great tourer - 4 adults plus bags, good instrument fit, comfortable & great visibility. 110Kts cruise for up to 5 hours (load dependent).

Very smart aeroplane, based Old Warden, good availability, low hours on Lycoming O360A 180hp, always hangared. Modern shared hangar with good facilities on grass airfield (home of the Shuttleworth Collection).

One third share offered: ?7000 (includes lifejackets, tiedowns, etc,) plus ?170 pcm, ?70 per tacho hour; or quarter share by negotiation. Share to be sold with new EASA annual due January. Monthly fee includes airfield use.
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