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Gyrocopter Flight Training In Scotland adid = 21477

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AutoGyros, Clubs & training

Flight Training and Air Experience Flights available from the Gyrocopter Experience at Perth Airport!

Pilot instruction to PPL(G) standard using the fantastic MTOSport gyroplane. Operations take place from the superb Scottish Aero Club premises with second to non facilities.

Whether you want to learn to fly a gyro from scratch or convert from an existing license, then we can help you. Weekdays we tend to conduct 5 day - 10-hour intensive courses, but we are flexible in our approach and can tailor your training to your needs. Why not make it your annual holiday? Book into the Skylodge Hotel situated at the Airfield (students of the Gyrocopter Experience and thus Scottish Aero Club members are entitled to a 10% discount).

For further details contact Kevin Whitehead FI(G) on 07411 747272, or see our website for online trial flight and course booking availability.
Send Kevin Whitehead a Secure Message. Contact Details 07411 747272

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