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Aerobatic Jak 52 For Sale In Latvia. Urgent adid = 21803

Aviation Photo number 22237
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Larger aircraft, For Sale | Jakovlev, JAK52 | 59 000 EUR

Standard YAK-52 - airframe, engine, propeller, everything standard.

!!! Engine 0 hrs. right after the overhaul in "Termikas"/Lithuania , the hrs set 0!
Frame hours 70.
Integrated fuel tanks,
Standard M-14P (360 HP) engine;
Standard V530 D35
Plastic rounded wing tips;
Smoke system with automatic refueling;
Jacks for Western headsets in both cockpits;
2-blade constant-speed propeller;

Registration Numbers:
engine M-14P, s/n KJ231019, propeller s/n 200164; blades S/N: No.1 4000266 298; No2. 4000266 374.

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