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Brand New Paramotor Trikes For Sale adid = 21999

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Powered paracending, For Sale | pd trikes, SOLO/TANDEM TRIKE | ?999

Brand new paramotor trikes, powder coated to any colour you choose on order, these trikes are very well made with the highest quality welding by a professional welder, thay will fit on to any paramotor and the fitting kit is supplied, all you have to do is fit your paramotor on, hang test it so its slightly back heavy, in other words the trikes back wheels are 2 inch lower to the ground when the pilot is sitting in it than the front wheel, there 68 inches wide and 60 inches front to back, and can be made to split down if required, there made as a solo trike but can be made for tandem if required, there very light and made out of tub steel, please email me on for more photos or 07947755157 for more info, ps paramotor in pics not included. when order has been confirmed and paid for your trike will take 2 weeks delivery or for you to collect --------- happy flying -------------------------------------

costs :

1 solo trike painted to your colour ?999.

1 solo trike painted to your colour that splits down ?1199

1 tandem trike painted to your colour ?1099

1 tandem trike painted to your colour that splits down ?1299


paramotor in pics not supplied only trike.
Send brian burrows a Secure Message. Contact Details 07947755157 Ask a Question

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