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Complete Sequoia Falco Wooden Kit adid = 22152

Views so far = 2988

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale, Sequoi Falco | 13000 euros

For sale complete all the wooden kits for assembling a Sequoia Falco F8l.
Wing spars, wing ribs, fuselage frames, tail group spars, tail group ribs, tail group equipment. Also available as a separate lot many other components ie wheels tyres, brakes, Oleos and legs. Lycoming 0320 engine at a price to be discussed.
Send stuart gane a Secure Message. Contact Details 0033553984901(english spoken) Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi. I have signed up to build a Falco F8 in the UK. Can you tell me are the wooden kits factory made? If so what kit numbers are included in your price? You can email me direct on. Regards. Billy Stewart

A1 awaiting answer

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