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Share Available In Duxford Based, Warrior Ii adid = 22413

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, Warrior II

G-BOHO has been owned by the Egressus Flying Group for over 10 years.

Since 2003, this well cared for and lovely aircraft has been based at Duxford and is maintained by Modern Air at Fowlmere. She has an accident free airframe and is suitable for touring or local flying made even more enjoyable because of her spectacularly smooth Millennium engine.

She has just had a bare metal re-spray by Colton aviation, new avionics fitted, a new AH and DI and has a fresh annual valid until April 2013.

Annual hours are, on average low at around 130/150, so availability is excellent with plenty of opportunity to fly her.

The nine shareholders are allocated specific days, according to shareholding, at the start of the calendar year. Any swaps and changes are by mutual agreement.

It is a stable, well funded and managed group which operates in a friendly and non-bureaucratic fashion with a simple set of rules.

The 1/12th share has become available as a result of one of the members losing their medical and the share would suit any private pilots; either PPL or NPPL, who wish to develop their flying skills and share their flying with other pilots to gain experience and expand their horizons. It is a sociable group and members are generally happy to share flying.

At the moment most flying is in the UK, but in the past longer trips throughout Europe have been made. The other joy is the privilege of being able to fly from historic Duxford and enjoy the sights and sounds, up close and personal, of Spitfires and Hurricanes and other war birds regularly flying.

Each shareholder commits to paying for a minimum of 12 hours flying pa (tacho) and the group is not looking for hours builders. The minimum insurance criteria is 100 hours (although pilots with lower hours will be considered).

G-BOHO?s specification is as follows:

? 1980 Piper Warrior II 161
? Cambrai fitted cover (refurbished 2011)
? At 24/03/12, Airframe 4646, Millennium Engine 605
? King KX155 TSO Nav/Com
? Garmin GTX328 Mode S Transponder
? King KR87TSO ADF
? Sigtronics SPA-400 TSO 4 Place Intercom
? 4 headsets
? GPS Aerial
? McMurdo locator beacon
? EASA C of April 2013

The heart of this aeroplane, the Millennium Engine, was fitted in 2007. This makes it a lovely aircraft to fly. It is incredibly smooth and reliable.

The engineering standards that make it so smooth and set it apart from the standard 0-320 Lycoming engine are as follows:
? Dynamically balanced crankshaft reduces rotational imbalance and excess vibration (a 100% improvement over the OEM tolerance standard).
? Connecting rods which are dimensionally measured, magna-fluxed and balanced for total weight and equal mass distribution.
? Valves crafted by the same legendary manufacturer that machines valves used in the world?s premier racing engines.
? Millennium Cylinders have improved casting integrity and increased airflow due to advanced head cast process repeatability.

Historic Duxford, is just south of Cambridge at Junction 10 of the M11, doesn?t disappoint either. Tarmac and grass runways combine with uncomplicated airspace and procedures and out of hours flying for aircraft based there, provide maximum flexibility.

Access to the aircraft is quick and easy, a special Duxford pass gets you to a private parking area within metres of where the aircraft is parked. There are very few flying hold ups either upon departure or returning to the field and fuel comes to you, via a fuel bowser ? so all the day to day aspects of flying are quick, easy and well catered for.

An added bonus is that Duxford makes for a great family day out too. It is the home of AirSpace and the American Air Museum, two exciting aviation gems of the very highest standard, recognised across the world.

The 1/12th share is for sale at ?3,200 with a monthly payment of ?85, plus an hour?s flying charge of ?75 per tacho hour wet. There are no additional club membership fees, landing charges, insurance excess deposits to pay and the rates are reviewed annually and set to generate a small margin each year.

For full details about the aircraft, the group rules, flying from Duxford and how all the avionics work, go to

If you would like to know more, or arrange to take a look at G-BOHO, or have a trial flight, please contact:

Neville Rhodes, 01353 864 655, 07914 229 063,
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Neville HARE AVAILABLE IN DUXFORD BASED, WARRIOR II I found your classified on and not sure how old this is hence my email. Are you still looking for pilots? I am fairly local and have been flying C172's from Duxford and have 85hrs on my PPL (gained in December 2014). Look forward to your response. Ron van der Hoorn 07988 287020 Haslingfield.

A1 awaiting answer