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Gyrocopter Training With G.s Aviation! adid = 22719

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AutoGyros, For Sale | Rotorsport, Calidus

New for 2018, Magni M24 side by side Gyro, fully enclosed with cabin heat! This is a great trainer and compliments our Calidus tandem Gyro.
We are a small friendly independent Club based at Clench Common Airfield in the north Wiltshire downs near Marlborough, 15 minutes from the M4. The airfield has two grass runways so we can cope with many wind directions. Graham Slater your instructor has over 12,000 hours flying and training experience in over a hundred types of aircraft and Gyrocopter.We use a state of the art enclosed gyroplanes, cruise at 70 to 80 mph.

These new generation Gyrocopters are both safe and beautifully engineered, with full CAA certification for training and dual flying. Competitive prices, call or look on our website for more details!
Hourly lessons available, or book a taster flight.
One to one hourly lessons, or introductory 5 day courses with Graham Slater, start on a Monday.Share packages also available.

Contact: 01672 515535
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 01672 515535