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1/4 Share Skyranger, Own Hangar, Private Strip adid = 22779

Aviation Photo number 24122
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | BestOff, Skyranger | ?5000 ono

This is a long established and very happy group of four sharing a Skyranger on a private strip near Winchester. The 4-stroke BMW gives 65 knot cruise at 12 li/hr, performs well, and sounds lovely.
The plane has recently undergone a rebuild and full engine overhaul and the coverings are all XLAM.
The group also owns the polytunnel hangar, which is a huge advantage - waste no time in shifting other machines to get the plane out, and no chance of hangar rash either! It's just had a complete new cover and door, so will last another 7 - 10 years!
?70 per month covers all expenses except your fuel. And there is a healthy bank balance too!
All in all a very desirable facility which I am sad to be leaving (due to moving home).
Send Rick Bremner a Secure Message. Contact Details 07866 975429 or 01568 750662
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