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Gerbings Heated Jacket adid = 23118

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Clothing, For Sale | ?80

This is a Ransomes Jacobsen Hotwired Heated Jacket by Gerbings

It is pre-wired for heated gloves and has an accessory wire for connecting to other heated clothing.

It is size Medium

It is is as-new condition and also comes with the connector wires and dash fitment to allow you to either connect it to a standard battery harness (not included but about ?10 on eBay) or to create your own dash mounted socket.

I bought it recently, optimistically hoping that I might still fit a medium size but at 6ft and 85kg it is a bit too neat. On the other hand it swamps my 5ft 4inch wife, so I guess if you are sized Medium... it will be a good fit.

Price is ?80 with ?5 P&P (or collect from Perth Airfield)

Jim Crosby
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