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Reims Cessna 172e 1/6th Share For Sale ?3,900 adid = 24203

Aviation Photo number 26706
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | CessNA, cessna 172e

Excellent condition......Airframe only 4,961 hours.
Continental 0-300 engine 675 hours since zero timed following complete overhaul including new 'Millenium' cylinders.
Approved modifications include new alternator which replaces old dynamo along with new cartridge type oil filter system replacing previous mesh type filter.
Full IFR panel....Garmin 430 GPS/VOR/DME plus second radio,ADF and mode 'C' transponder.
The group costs are....?70 each per month and ?70 per tacho hour wet!
The above covers insurance,hangerage and basic costs and there is usually enough in the account to cover the ARC and Annual.
We have engineers (two involved proffessionally in aviation) in the group and normally do our own 50 checks which helps to keep costs down.
We have a priority booking system where each member has the aircraft for one week in every six but all members are very flexible so loads of availability and are usually happy to swap days or even weeks!
The group was established 21 years ago and G-ASNW was bought over 10 years ago.
Great tourer able to carry four adults...this aircraft frequently flies to the Continent (one pic above taken while refueling in Germany).
G-ASNW is hangered and based at Draycot Farm Airfield near Jn.15 M4 near Swindon. This airfield is usable all year as it is very free draining and there are no landing fees!
We have cheaper than average fuel available as we are members of a fuel club based at another airfield half a mile away,again with no landing fees!
I am relocating to France and will miss flying from this lovely airfield with the best of groups and a great aircraft.
Please contact me for further info......Derek 07885 713325
Send Derek Allison a Secure Message.