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Quasar Breaking For Spares adid = 24280

Views so far = 1998

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

1994 quasar2 Trike has broken rear suspension on landing,propeller damage and engine damage only on landing,did not crash.

Engine 503 and gearbox with electric start ?400
Complete Q2 wing with cloth only 5 years old in purple and green ?1,000
All instruments ?200
Other pars all good price.
At home now in South Norwood SE25
All prices firm no offering.

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There are 5 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 please get intouch about parts for flexwing on 07941982506 as soon as poss,or give me your number regards Rob.

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Hi can you give me a contact number please??

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 If you answered the questions you would sell something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 Hi, Is the Q2 wing still available?

A4 awaiting answer

Q5 Hello Do you still have any of these parts available. Many thanks

A5 awaiting answer