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Flying Instructors Wanted By Busy School adid = 24379

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training

Flying instructors- both FI and FI(R) wanted by busy school. - (And before you ask none of our current instructors have either left or are leaving)- we have just added more aircraft and more students.


Accomodation is available free on site, and weather permitting you will get plenty of hours (our guys are averaging 65 hours a month. Bar also on site. Decent clubhouse- recently refurbished. Good briefing areas and private study areas. Small pilot shop.

The work is a mix of about 50% trial lessons and 50% PPL tuition. Lots of solo sign offs. We are currently FULLY booked every day until after Christmas.

Aircraft are really boring- Piper PA38s ( 3 off) Piper PA28s ( again 3 off), Cessna 150, and a slingsby firefly on its way. All aircraft are well maintained and just about everything has had a new engine this year. We have good engineering support on site. Club is financially stable with all aircraft owned by the club owner outright.

We also have a Grob109 and a SF25 Falke for motorgliding.

Ideal candidate will have CPL with either FI(R) or FI and will have a TMG or SLMG rating as well. We even consider paying for an FI(R) course for a CPL qualified guy in return for a employment bond period.

Above all- we are looking for professionalism. If you want to beat up the control tower, do low inverted passes, impress the girls, turn up in a pair of shorts, a tatty t shirt and a pair of trainers etc-or generally act like a cowboy this is NOT the place for you. If you are serious about teaching people to fly properly with good briefings, looking after your customers, being smart and professional then please do contact us.

The reward- good retainer- even in winter plus hourly pay.

Interested ? - send a CV to

Send Chris Alexander a Secure Message. Contact Details 07749 521589

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