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Goodwood, Share, Free Tail Dragger Training! adid = 24868

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Falconar, F11-3 | ? 1995.00

A Great Opportunity: 1/6th Share Available in the Lovely Falconar F11-3: G-AWHY.

Hangared at the Fantastic Goodwood Aerodrome "Always an exciting Atmosphere."
A very well Mannered Tail Dragger, lovely to fly, great looking, a little cracker in the sky.
2 seat, side by side, Stick & Rudder "Real Flying"
The perfect Balance of permit aircraft value, combined with Professional Maintenance peace of mind, and Continental 0-200 engined Reliability (as fitted to Cessna 150 etc.)
On-Line Booking system, Great availability, Laid Back, No-nonsense, Enthusiastic group.

FREE Tail Dragger Training!! with Immensely experienced Principle Group Member.

Keys and codes for Hangar and Aircraft allow for out of Hours flying. Fly when it suits you, great in the summer months for those beautiful balmy evenings, or an early start for an epic fly-out or fly-in!

Buy in now, get the training done in the winter months, and be ready to start your flying adventures when the days open out and the nights get warmer. Fly somewhere new, pitch your tent, find the local pub, fly on in the morning. Get Involved!

Aircraft built 1995, A/F Hrs 950, Engine 605.
Share ?1995.00, ?95 per month, ?55 Per/Hour Wet.
Must be the Best Value Flying at Goodwood, if not the South of England!

Like a Canadian Variant Jodel.
Send Simon Ashcroft a Secure Message. Contact Details Simon. 07875 584339 Ask a Question
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