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Radio Operator's Course East Of England adid = 24896

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To man an Air-Ground radio station you need a Radio Operator''s Certificate of Competence (ROCC).

Join us on 17th/18th October 2019 for a stimulating course with exams and walk away with an Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence (ROCC). This is required to operate an air/ground radio station at an airfield. Alan McNeal at AirBASE is a CAA Approved ROCC Examiner and has years of experience training & examining radio operators for many airfield in England. The location is the Keystone Innovation Centre in Thetford, Norfolk, just off the A11, so it's easy to get to. Go to for full details on the course, what you need to know and an application form.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07770 883216

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