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Cirrus Sr22 Share - Must Sell! Make Me An Offer! adid = 25007

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cirrus, SR22 | ?8,500

I was looking for ?8.5K for this share - but I need to sell it ASAP as I'm entering a new Cirrus group. The asset itself is probably worth in the region of ?9-11K per share. However, I'm willing to consider all offers as I'd rather not hold onto a share which I'm not utilising.

Available immediately is a 1/16 share in N147GT which is based at Denham but gives you access to several SR22s based at Denham, Blackbushe and Shoreham. This is a beautiful SR22 G2 with the full Avidyne R9 package and digital autopilot. See more information on the avionics here:

The share formally allocates 25 hours (based on flight, not hobbs, time) per year, however members are currently allowed to fly unlimited hours. The group has two flying rates that Shareholders can select between:

?360 per month + ?72 / hour (dry)
?96 per month + ?192 / hour (dry)

For flying 50 hours a year this works out at about ?150 / hour.

I am only selling my share as I am now in a group close to my home (Biggin Hill) and don?t fancy the commute across London to Denham or Blackbushe!
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