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Uniwheel Personal Transporter adid = 25063

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | ?850

Uniwheel is probably the most innovative and green personal transporter ever made. At just 10.5kg and smaller than most flight cases the Uniwheel is the perfect personal transporter to take in your aircraft to commute from the airfield to local amenities. Uniwheel has a top speed of 12 mph and a range of upto 16miles on a single charge and the battery only takes 2.5 hrs to charge. The folding foot platforms and integrated carry handle make it easy to carry. this is also the most unique and modern fun transport available be it for commuting or just for fun. It is gyro stabilised so quite easy to ride and holds CE approval. see our Uniwheel page on Facebook for video clip showing it in action or search Ebay for Uniwheel. Contact Mike 07770 983800. Silver Fern Microlights Ltd
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