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Flying Group Members Wanted!! adid = 25273

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

We are a newly established club with a great PA28-180 Cherokee and an overhauled engine zero timed. We are looking for an additional 5 enthusiastic members to join the club, who are friendly and social. The club is looking for a new location around England to base the aircraft and depending on the interest we are willing to base it anywhere. Availability is great for the plane and is managed by an online program where you book and fly. This aircraft is suited for grass runways as it has the HP to get up and go as well as the normal tarmac runways and a great touring aircraft.
?500+vat joining fee
?790+vat which includes 12 hours dry for the plane
?69+vat each month (insurance, hangarage)
Any additional hrs wanted are bulk booked at
5hrs for ?69prhr/dry
10hrs for ?59prhr/dry
Any enquires please don?t hesitate to call Darren Taylor on 07557055841
Send darren taylor a Secure Message. Contact Details 07557055841 Ask a Question

There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi, Where are you planning to base?

A1 Hi we would be willing to base aircraft according to new members. If you are interested or have any other interested parties in your area, we could look at baseing it closer to you. What area are you in?

Q2 Hi, Im based in Huntingdon (about 10 miles north of Cambridge) There are several airfields around me that could be a possible location for you if you had enough interest... Duxford, Cambridge, Connington, Bourn. I'd be very interested in joining and finding out more about your plans if this area works for you? James

A2 We have had alot of interest in the north east now and will be basing the aircraft at durham tees valley, thanks for your interest if our situation changes in the near future we will contact you

Q3 Hi, I am too based in Huntingdon / Peterborough area and would be very interested in such a share. If things change could you please drop me a line too? Tnx John

A3 awaiting answer

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