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Paratrike Powered Parachute Dual Training Nppl(m) adid = 25493

Aviation Photo number 28923
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Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, Instruction | 500

Paratrike Powered Parachute Dual Training to NPPL(M)

Dual control flight instruction to be a fully qualified and legal Paratrike flyer in the safest quickest way possible. Our instruction is conducted by a BMAA instructor and is fully CAA approved. All training conducted at Boston Aerodrome in Lincs.

Differences training,

Paramotor conversion training.

Full training including all required flying training, ground instruction, exams and club membership and GST.


Tel or Txt 07929 320 343
Send Wayne Kimberlin a Secure Message. Contact Details 07929 320 343

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