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Share In Victa Airtourer 150 adid = 25548

Aviation Photo number 29045
Views so far = 7139

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Victa, Airtourer 150 | 3,000 for quick sale

Well-established and friendly group based at Gloucestershire airport offer a 1/8th share in this well maintained aircraft. Aerobatic +6g/-3g. Engine 530 hrs; prop 46 hrs. Mode S transponder included in recent avionics panel upgrade. Rate 71/hr wet (including 10/hr engine fund) plus share of maintenance and hangarage.

"Superb, characterful aircraft. The Airtourer is quite a gem. There are not that many of them about, so if you get the chance to try or buy ... go for it!" - Pilot magazine, December 2012

This is an excellent opportunity to join a group whose aim is to fly as cheaply as possible consistent with maintaining the asset value of the aeroplane.
Send Bob Patterson a Secure Message. Contact Details 07920 400094
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