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Hangarage Available In Lincs(flexwings Only) adid = 25583

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Hangarage and Tie down space, To Rent

Approximately 400m x 24m, EAST/WEST grass farm strip in Lincolnshire located just off the A52 between Boston and Grantham.
If you would like a sneaky peaky, the co ordinates are 52 degrees 55' 20''N. 000 degrees, 19' 30'' W.

Have a quick look at this

Hangarage available for flexwings either fully, semi or de-rigged.
Fully rigged ?40
Semi-rigged ?25
De-rigged ?15
Prices are per month and to be paid quaterly in advance.

Call James on 07951010697
Send James smith a Secure Message. Contact Details James 07951010697
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