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Pa22 Tripacer Share adid = 25755

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA22 - 160 | ?2200

Retiring group member is selling his share in G-BUVA, an attractive and newly re-furbished 4-seater Piper TriPacer hangared at Oaksey Park (EGTW), near Kemble, Glos.

This long-established, friendly group currently has 7 active members, with good availability of the aircraft, and an online booking system. One of the members is an instructor, and group members often fly together to share costs.

The aircraft can be flown on a UK PPL or NPPL with medical declaration - no need to convert to an EASA licence.

The fuselage has been structurally overhauled during the past year, re-covered and painted, and is in superb all-round condition. Featured and test-flown in the Spring 2013 Flyer Magazine.

Built in 1953, the ?plane has about 700hrs on a factory zero-timed 160hp engine, which gives it an excellent short-field performance. Charges are ?85 monthly, ?75 ph wet. Offers around ?2,200.

Oaksey Park (EGTW) is a well-run grass strip near Kemble with on-site fuel, engineering and a pleasant timber clubhouse and picnic area.

Contact Chris Reynolds for further information.

Email: Phone: 01793 763286

Website :
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