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Ceconite 102, Dopes And Thinners. adid = 25890

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Ceconite

1) Approx 2.9 yards, (2.7 metres) of fabric 70 inches wide. Stored on a roll but will fold for postage if required.
2) Approx 3/4 roll pinked 2 inch ceconite tape.
3) One can and approx 3/4 can of Butyrate thinners 9703-Quart.
4) Approx 4 litres of low tautening clear nitrate dope CL13.
5) Approx 2/3 can 2 1/4 litres of non tautening butyrate tan dope W 8350.
6) Approx 3/4 US gall Randofil 6303.
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