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Jodel D120a adid = 25926

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Light Aircraft, For Sale, D120A | £11,000

Total airframe hours-2445.Only 1000 since total rebuild/ recover(Diatex). Trig mode S & Icom IC-A6E radio (not 8.33), Garmin 196 gps and Mcmurdo Max G gps PLB. Engine total hours-1930. Since top overhaul-82. Fitted with lightweight starter and alternator plus spin-on filter. Evra propellor plus good spare propellor, wheel spats. All in good order and permit till May 2018.Very tidy and reliable aircraft. Can be seen at Perranporth by arrangement, call 01736 872664 evenings if genuinely interested to discuss.

Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 01736 872664