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Tailwheel Dolly`s For Your Taildragger. adid = 26101

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | Hydro Pneumatics and, Various

We manufacture a range of tailwheel and mainwheel handling devices to suit all aircraft and Helicopters to 2500 Kg. dry weight , tailwheel and tricycle.

REPAIR and MODIFICATIONS to existing dolly`s, towbars etc. carried out - in most cases , far more cost effective to repair or modify than to buy new ,
e.g. DA42 Twinstar towbars repaired and strenghthened for a new lease of life.

Call to discuss your requirements.

Blocking the runnway due to a puncture ? our ` flat tyre ` dolly could clear it post haste without having to taxi on a flat tyre and risk a fire , shredding your spats and hoses and damaging your wheel rim and brake calipers. - Something for the Airport Managment to invest in perhaps .

Our standard product is illustrated in the photo`s.

We have a foldable lightweight ` light duty ` version you can take on your travels as well as ` T ` lifter bar for the lighter rear ends on Microlights , such as MiniMaxes , Thrusters T`s and Rans S4/5/6 T`s.

Wheel / tyre options for different terrains / applications are offered and taiwheel diameters , from as small as 2 " to over 10" , as used on the Maule and similar Bushplanes , are available ,as well as tractor towable versions for the heavier taildragger or sloping ground operations , specialist applications are our forte.

Our adjustable version caters for tailwheels from 5" diameter to 10 " diameter to cover most of the standard wheel diameters in use , so if you have a mixed fleet , one Dolly will cover your requirements .

Please contact Roy to discuss your handling problems and hear our solutions and our very competetive pricing structure . We are here to help solve your ground handling problems.

roy `at` hydraulic-pneumatic-cylinders `dot` co `dot` uk

Tel; 07836 348 945 or the factory on 0121 523 8400 ,

please leave a message if not answered and we will return your call , or use the mobile as that is always attended.

We offer a lifetime Product Guarantee against manufacturing defects , ( not against normal wear and tear or abuse or missuse )

No need to order from the States ,
Made in our Birmingham factory from high quality materials so should outlast your aircraft .
Collection from our Factory or Halfpenny Green Airport is of course , free of charge ( by appointment please )- a demonstrator is usualy available for inspection / Trial at Halfpenny Green Airport , again , please check avilablity before commiting yourself to a trip to H.G.

Motorised models are on the drawing board , to be anounced in the near future .

Patents applied for, for special features on our products.

Please note;
Last batch sold out.
A price increase is on the way for new orders , please contact for up to date prices , still cheaper , like for like , than importing.

ROLLS-ROYCE stickers for your engine cowling -we have
a few of these 2" x 4" stickers left at ? 10.00 each + ?2.00 p+p.

Send roy targonski a Secure Message. Contact Details roy - 07836 348 945