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Rand Kr2 adid = 26152

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | 9k

reluctant sale
my kr2 flies 90=130 mph more with different prop
350 hrs
vw 1835 dual ign electric start
4 into 2 exhaust quiet
flies like na little fighter quick roll
non areobatic
burns 10 - 12 litres an hour =brilliant little machine
takes my 15 stone up easily
flown regularly until recently
permit december 2013
first 9k
flies out of grass strip
has flaps
radio and gps installed
although it has 2 seats it is a single seater unless ur very light

07910 235 321
location loughborough area
heres a short video of my older kr2 this one flies very similar
Contact phill brookmanContact Details 07910 235 321