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Cessna 172b Cardiff Shares Available adid = 26403

Aviation Photo number 30708
Views so far = 4215

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, Cessna172B

5% Share for sale in this friendly group.
A genuine four-seater classic with fantastic performance.

-Equipped with a VOR, Transponder, 4 place portable intercom and two life jackets. All weather covers
- Regularly maintained and with a new ARC (18TH May 2013)
- Internet booking facility with excellent availability.
- Monthly ?40.00 and ?120.00 per tacho hour. Includes all Parking and landings at Cardiff.
First and second hour discounted by ?20.00. Therefore fly two tacho hours per month for ?240.00.

- Excellent first aircraft.

For more information Call Dave on 07825275895 or Rob on 07814 933605.
Send Dave Pitman a Secure Message. Contact Details Dave on 07825275895 or Rob on 07814 933605 Ask a Question