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Solid Oak Frame Cartlodge,summer House,garage adid = 26658

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Property, For Sale

When we make our Oak frame buildings we prefer to use chunky size oak 200mm X 200mm for all the uprights looks more pleasing than 150mm X 150mm
We use solid oak roof trusses which you can have in either Queen post or king post depending on if you want a room upstairs
All the joints are using traditional mortise & tennon joints and pegged with OAK pegs

Each kit comes with:

Oak bottom plates with scarf joints if needed
Oak verticals 200x 200mm
Oak curved braces
Oak top plate
Oak roof trusses in either Queen or king post
Oak rafters
Oak purlins
Oak ridge board
Oak feather-edge cladding
each bay is 3m wide X 6m deep but can be narrower or slightly wider or deeper etc

Options available at extra cost:
Oak floor joist for upstairs if needed
Oak tongue and grooved boards to go on top of rafters looks great when viewed from underneath as in picture 11
We can erect if needed at extra cost.

We can design and build and style frame that you want just get in touch and lets discuss your ideas

As mentioned in title we are happy to trade anything legal! cars, boats, airplane you name it we will try and do a deal.

All our buildings are made to order.

Here is a dropbox link to lots of pictures of work we have done.

My ebay listing No. 141000046865
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07803238078