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An-26b Yom 1981, Tcas, Egpws, Elt. adid = 26841

Aviation Photo number 31809
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Larger aircraft, For Sale | "Antonov", An-26B | US$ 695000

An-26B full cargo configuration. TSN 15564 h. CSN 10105 c. TSO 48 h. CSO 48 c. Aircraft equipped with TCAS, EGPWS, ELT. Exellent interior. Exterior full white color. An-26B MTOW 24000 kg, Max pay load 5500 - 6300 kg. Max fuel uplift 5500 kg. Cruise speed 420 km/h (226 kts). Aircraft offered for sale only, located in United Arab Emirates and ready for inspection.
Send Kirim Akhmedov a Secure Message. Contact Details +97165725142
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