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5k Shares Slingsby T67m 200 Firefly Sherburn adid = 26949

Aviation Photo number 41471
Views so far = 8252

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Slingsby, T67M200 | 5,000

Engine 997 hrs SMOH, sold with prop renewal and Annual, Feb 15


o Rugged military trainer with 200hp and three bladed C/S prop

o 28lph cruise for a 1 hour flight incl t/o & ldg
o GAMI Injectors
o 200hp gives shorter take off, 25% better climb and better low speed performance than the 160.
o Aeros up to intermediate standard; insured for competition/racing


o Comfortable IFR tourer for airports or short grass strips
o Excellent trainer - side by side for better instruction and a nicer ride for your passengers
o Full IFR including GNS430 for fewer weather cancellations

Fantastic visibility

Aircraft used from new by Dutch military contractor until we bought it 4 years ago. Parachutes available.

5K per share; 105/hr 100/month
Send Andrew Wallace a Secure Message. Contact Details 07768021977
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