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Healthier Life Style-longer Live-longer Flight! adid = 27053

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According to statistics from the World health Organization (WHO),5% of people are healthy,80% of people are sub-healthy and 15% of people are deemed UNHEALTHY. This means there exists a state of sub-health between good health and illnesses, and it?s a state most people endure-without even realizing it.
More-good health means a state of being illness-free, a state of optimal body function and a healthy and positive frame of mind too. Sub-health is an ?overall? picture. For some it is nearer good health while for others, illness .And, if unchecked, those exhibiting sub healthy conditions are at risk of becoming sick of suffering more chronic complaints.
Even though the sub healthy condition is more common in the 40 plus age group it?s an issue of real concern at every life stage, for teenager?s adults and parents alike. Commonly, sub healthy people exhibit three types of degenerative symptoms: reduced vitality reduced responsiveness and reduced environmental adaptability. As health deteriorates through the sub healthy condition, symptoms of reduced health become chronic-frequent sore throats, on-and-off flu, and lethargy being common symptoms. More, suffers exhibit ?three highs and one low? symptoms: high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood viscosity and low immunity. It?s a common problem whenever effective health maintenance is not understood. Without better knowledge anyone can be reduced to a chronic sub-healthy state. Fortunately those who are sub-healthy can become healthier, according to how well they take care of themselves. In China ?Qi balanced wellbeing? has been understood by most people for millennia. In contrast, western cultures are broadly unaware of the issues surrounding the sub healthy condition. Most people only ever think about diet-and supplementing it, when they are unwell.
In fact 60% of health and life span lies in your hands through the diet, supplements and health choices you make. Tiens founding mission is to deliver balanced health right around the globe: To you, your family and your friends!
(Independent distributor TIENS. Alex, with my ID (88-63-88-45) 25% discount for any supplements, products and equipment).New in Britain. For more information please see our website:; or call to Independent distributor of Tiens company Alex 078 9742 4454; Together we share!
According to the latest worldwide longevity research, published in June 2007 by Mark Stibich Ph.D,3 out of 5 regions with the longest life expectancy have a Chinese culture or are of Chinese origin. These regions are: Andorra 83.51 years life expectancy. Macau (China) 82.19 years life expectancy. San Marino 81.71 years life expectancy. Singapore (Chinese origin) 81.81 years life expectancy and Hong Kong (China) 81.59 years life expectancy.
China is the cradle of one of mankind?s oldest and most established civilizations, with over 5,000 years of continuously recorded history. Chinese Healthcare culture is also called ?Longevity culture?, and is accorded as having played a vital role in the prosperity of the civilization. The balance of your diet, healthy lifestyle and the axiom that ?Prevention is better than cure? are concepts that have always been widely promoted by those who use traditional Chinese health products.
Like all living creatures, man cannot avoid the inevitable: Birth, growth, aging and death. However man can choose to grow optimally, to live healthily and to use diet, supplement and ?well-being? knowledge to minimize the effects of ageing.
Chinese longevity culture pays much attention to the mind?s psychological state. The ancient philosopher Lao Tze (about 600-470 BC) theorized in his book Dao De Jing that too much speaking and excessive emotional fluctuation can be detrimental to the mind. ?Anger hurts liver, ?Excitement hurts heart?, ?Thought hurts spleen?, ?Sorrow hurts lungs? and ?Fear hurts kidney?. Hence many of longevity experts created the mind therapy that promotes relaxation, low mood swings and moral development.
It?s an holistic approach to ?Balance? that TIENS fully understand and fully invest in its culture and products. (For more information please see our website; or Independent distributor of Tiens company Alex 078 9742 4454. With my ID (88-63-88-45) 25% discount for any products, supplements and equipment). Together we share!
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