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Cap 140 64" Prop Blades, (tractor)left Turning adid = 27092

Views so far = 1749

Fly-in, Wanted

I am looking for CAP 140 warp drive blades 64"or greater(tractor)left turning from pilots view . I have same but pushers ( will sell or exchange)
Send Roger LLoyd a Secure Message. Contact Details Tel 07786851051 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Roger I do believe I sat in your aircraft at the Rally. I thought you had a Warp Drive ground adjustable fitted to your Europa ? Hope there was no mishap on your flight home. Managed to have a flight in a classic mono at Perth on Monday and was very impressed. I don't think you can get spares for the CAP140 anymore so with the price of VP props. I think I would go for a fixed warp drive if a CAP140 packed in for all the difference it makes once your off the ground ? Iain ClarkeF4

A1 awaiting answer