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Robin Dr-250 Taildragger 1/8th Share adid = 27223

Aviation Photo number 32307
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Robin, DR-250

Robin DR-250 Taildragger 1/8th share for sale

Classic aeroplane, one of the last 4 seat tail draggers that Jodel designed, built by Robin aircraft. Very rare, fast, long range and a delight to fly. Recent new engine (March 2012), currently on an EASA C of A.

For more details on her flying characteristics, see

This one has the ferry tank giving a 1000nm range, she'll cruise at 110-115knots, and has been up to the arctic circle and down to the Gold Coast.

Well run syndicate operating out of Oaksey Park in Wilts.

Operating costs: ?75 pcm, ?30 per hour dry.

All realistic offers considered.
Send Andrew Repton a Secure Message. Contact Details 07796 265070


There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Is this share still for sale? If so please contact Jonny Seccombe 07785 996135

A1 awaiting answer

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