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Tandem Aircraft Harnesses (x2)brand New adid = 27332

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Pacific Scientific, Bespoke Manufacture | GBP 600 ovno

Pair of never used harnesses for tandem seat aircraft. The restraints were bespoke manufactured by Pacific Scientific to suit Piper Cub, Pitts S2, Eagle, Vans and other similiar configuration aircraft.
The belts have single release facility and are 5 point (although no crotch straps are included).
- Rear belts are 20"Waist & 50"shoulder each side.
- Front belts are 31"Waist @ 50"shoulder each side with padded release buckle.
Belts terminate in D plates with 5/8" bolt holes (except rear set shoulder straps. See pictures for detail).
The buckles are rated at 3000Lb's and all straps have individual adjusters. These belts are manufactured to the very highest aviation standards and are in perfect condition and have never been fitted or used.

View website to see the aircraft that these harnesses are used in (Including F18 Hornet!).
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