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1/7th Share In Piper Warrior 2 Pa28-161 adid = 27336

Views so far = 4816

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, Warrior 2 PA28-161 | ?7,000 ono

A rare opportunity to buy a 1/7 share in this well equipped and well cared for Piper PA28-161 Warrior II (built in 1982) based at Headcorn (Lashenden) in Kent. This is a friendly and well organised group with only two other shares becoming available since it was formed in 2005.

G-BOMY had a new engine in 2003 and a bare metal respray and refurbished leather interior in 2005.

? Engine time 950 hours with a healthy engine fund (which will stay with the aircraft).
? Fully IMC equipped with nav aids including dual VOR with glideslope, NDB and DME.
? New propeller in 2008.
? Total airframe time 7900 hours.
? New Mode S transponder in 2008.
? New engine management system in 2008.
? New fuel flow meter in 2009.
? Fastfind Max tracker and lifejackets for European touring.
? Excellent availability with online booking system.
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