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Airbox Clarity Bargain! adid = 27513

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Instruments, electrical & Avionics, For Sale

Bargain: Airbox Clarity 2.0 GPS.
5 inch screen.
As new condition.

Ebay listing number:321208728006

Airbox Clarity 2.0 Aircraft GPS.

Purchased Brand new May 2012 cost ?499.00.

Large 5 inch screen.

Includes ICAO 1:5000,000 charts for the UK and ABX vector mapping for Europe.

Free airspace updates for life.

Geo-referenced Pooleys airfield plates.

Full worldwide airfield database.

Visual airspace warning.

Terrain ahead display, colour coded for safety. showing 20 nm ahead

Flight logging, Favourite destinations, Route divert, Home airfield selector.

Multi chart capability with in flight switching.

Navigate to co-ordinates, user waypoints or navaid. with full Navaid database.

Very easy to use, simply place your finger on the screen and move up, down, left or right and the chart moves with you.

Within 10nm of your final destination extended runway centre-lines are shown.

All flights are logged.

This amazing piece of kit does so much more than I can list here.

Reason for sale: No longer being used (hence bargain).

Ebay listing number:321208728006
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