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Jodel D150 Mascaret (sale Agreed 23 09 2013) adid = 27530

Aviation Photo number 32885
Views so far = 8696

Fly-in, For Sale | S.A.N., D150 | ?23,000.

Based at The real Aeroplance Club at Breighton nr. Selby, Jodel Mascaret built in 1963 by S.A.N. All log books available from new. Fitted with a Rolls Royce 0200 engine. Airframe hours 2461 and engine hours 772. Fitted with a Hoffmann propellor and overall in good condtion. Permit to Fly expires July 2014. Excellant touring aircraft. Reluctant sale by owners. For further information please call Dave on 01904 762484 or Bob on 07748 531115
Send Robert Williams a Secure Message. Contact Details 01904 762484