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Hanger Clearout, Gauges adid = 27639

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

Various Gauges for sale
1x ASI 0-140kts 3.25in
1x Westberg Dual Fuel Gauge 2.25in(out of a Shadow)
1x Curtis Water Temp Gauges
1x Aviasport Tacho for Ducati CDI Ignition
1x Aviasport Tacho for Bosch Ignition
1x Rotax 582 exhaust(Aluminium arc sprayed)
1 set of nearly new Carbs off Rotax 582 with water heaters on
1x Dual outlet round Mikini fuel pump
1 Brand new Airworld Double head strobe system(still in box)
Make me an offer!!!
Phone or email for more details
Send Andy Thomas a Secure Message. Contact Details 07974952869
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