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Sportcruiser - White Waltham - Shares adid = 28099

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | CSA , Sportcruiser | ?16,500 per share

After two years of sole ownership I have decided to create a small group based around my 2011 Factory built Sportcruiser. Price is based on 1/5 shares and there are three available at ?16,500 each.

It is hangared at White Waltham and is still as new. The annual was completed last week so it comes with 12 months PTF.

The aircraft is a delight to fly, using c18 lph and comes with Glass cockpit, autopilot and Ballistic parachute.

I am looking to form a friendly group of like minded pilots who will look after the aircraft like it was their own.

Estimated running costs will be ?140 per month fixed and ?45 per hour wet.

A web based booking system will be implemented joint trips encouraged.


? Dynon EFIS-D100, bright screen
? Dynon EMS-D120 (with fuel flow)
? Dynon Standby Battery
? OAT probe
? Backup Airspeed Indicator, single hand 2 ??
? Backup Altimeter, single hand, 2 ??
? Magnetic Compass on the Glareshield
? Pitch Trim Indicator on EFIS
? Aileron Trim Indicator on EFIS


? Dynon Autopilot AP74+ HS34
? Garmin SL30 COM
? Garmin GTX 328 Transponder, Mode S, Class 2, Encoder Data from EFIS, Antenna
? Garmin GPSMAP 695, AirGizmo Snap-in Panel Mount
? PS Engineering Stereo Intercom
? AmeriKing 406/121.5/243 MHz ELT,
? 12V Outlet

Airframe Features

? Two-tone Paint, Matching Leather Upholstery
? Ballistic Recovery System


? ROTAX 912 ULS (74 kW / 100 HP)
? Gearbox with Overload Protection Clutch
? Stainless Steel Exhaust System
? Airbox with Carburetor Heat
? Vapor Lock Vent and Return Line
? Woodcomp Klassic 3 Blade Propeller

Standard Airframe Features

? Dual Sticks
? Individually In-Flight Adjustable Rudder Pedals
? 4-point Seatbelts
? Large Baggage Area
? Wing Lockers
? Wing Tanks 2 x 57 l
? Locking Fuel Caps
? Electric Aileron Trim
? Electric Pitch Trim
? Trim Control and PTT on both Control Sticks
? Electric Flaps with LED Position Display
? Hydraulic Brakes, Dual Foot-tip Brake Pedals
? Parking Brake
? Wheel Fairings
? Corrosion Protection
? Tow Bar
? Lighting package (Strobe and NAV lights in wing tips, Landing light in lower engine cowl)
? Canopy Sunshade

Peter Simmonds 07717 292302
Send Peter Simmonds a Secure Message. Contact Details 07717 292302
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